An Alternative View on Building Your Brand and Bottom Line

How do you increase brand awareness and generate sales without actually advertising your products? That’s what our client vAuto wanted to know when discussing the strategy behind promoting Conquest, their latest software solution that helps automotive dealers better manage their new-car inventory.

Rather than lead with a sales pitch, we suggested Live Market View, a quarterly video series that would deliver real value to their customers beyond product features and benefits. Here, the content highlights vAuto’s thought leadership in the automotive industry, positioning the company as an authority and trusted resource driven by the needs of their customers. So when dealers do consider a new inventory management solution, vAuto is top of mind.

Check out vAuto’s approach to cultivating greater customer connections in Challenges and Implications in the Marketplace, the first edition of Live Market View. You might notice a custom footer driving to vAuto’s booth at the upcoming 2017 NADA Convention and Expo. After the show, the event-specific content can easily be removed so that the video maintains its impact and relevance until the next quarterly installment.

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