When it comes to sequels, the rule is that they’re never as good as the first. But The Godfather Part II, The Dark Knight, and The Empire Strikes Back prove that for every rule, there’s an exception. Because when the story is good, it keeps your audience coming back for more.

The same applies when you’re looking to create a series in your content marketing strategy. You know the typical best practices—post regularly, grab attention, use visual breaks, monitor conversion, etc.—but evolving a series needs a different approach than a one-off piece. You’re likely addressing the same audience through the same medium, so you can’t risk getting stale.

How do you keep up the momentum?

Craft content that helps your audience make their lives easier.
When our client vAuto looked to us to help them develop their Live Market View series to promote Conquest, we needed to set up the series to build on itself. With the first installment, we managed to do what all good firsts do—tell their story while offering engaging content that would keep customers and prospects on the lookout for more.

The next video needed to follow through, to continue to deliver compelling, snackable, relevant content. More than eye-catching visuals and high-quality production, the series offers real value to the audience.

It reviews the current industry climate and how market trends are impacting dealers. And they don’t stop there. What sets this series apart is that it aims to educate and advise, sharing how vAuto clients are overcoming these challenges and how dealers can turn these challenges into opportunities at their own dealerships.

Check out vAuto’s latest installment of Live Market View.

Keep your audience coming back for more.
Improve your chances to reengage your audience by letting them know there’s more to come. As Randy Kobat wraps up the video, you’ll notice that he does 3 things: directs the audience to other relevant content; promotes viewer engagement by encouraging dealers to reach out to him directly; and puts them on the lookout for the next video in the series.

The success of the Live Market View series lies in the value it delivers every time. Rather than diverting leads with a pushy sales pitch, each video gives the audience insights from industry experts in a way that keeps them coming back to vAuto for ways to improve their own business. So that when those customers or prospects want to rethink their inventory management strategy, vAuto is at the forefront of their minds.

When done the right way, a series of content can generate leads for your business and drive your ROI. Looking to grow your business and develop an effective content marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience? Let’s talk.

Lauren Carmer, Copywriter