Disclaimer: Events have been simplified for storytelling drama. Actual work is harder than portrayed.

AEs: Hey guys. Northtown wants a campaign to promote its Buffalo Bills sponsorship.

Creatives: Ok. Cool.

AEs: It’s the best place in WNY to buy a car and employees go the extra mile for their customers. And, Northtown is the official automotive dealer of the Bills.

Creatives: I think the Bills should be pretty good this year.

AEs: This will be a TV spot that will premiere during the first Bills game. Lets make it stand out. So, you think we can make something great for the client?

Creatives: Done.

A couple days later…

AEs: So what do you guys have?

Creatives: So, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Bills this year and people are feeding off their vibe. Everyone is feeling good about the team and the city is on the rise. Buffalo is elevating its game, which is what Northtown does too. They are always trying to be the best dealership possible and customers recognize that. You with me?

AEs: Totally.

Creatives: It’s simple. Northtown is elevating its game. The Bills are elevating their game. The fans elevate their game every season to support the team. The city is elevating its game. Elevate. That’s it.

AEs: Damn.

A couple weeks later…

Creatives: Check it out!

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Rob Murphy
Creative Director