We help companies serving automotive dealerships and the aftermarket attract and retain more business through a better customer experience that drives loyalty.


With more than a few car dealerships screaming “great deals” across Western New York, Northtown needed to do something to break through the noise and drive traffic to their eight locations. Leveraging the existing power of Northtown’s “Nth degree” brand message, we used the backdrop of the periodic table of elements to convey that buying a car shouldn’t be complicated—and it isn’t at Northtown.
With their new product SPECTRUM, Xtime wasn’t just launching a new, integrated service retention solution to dealerships, they were introducing an entirely new approach to driving owner loyalty. So we got to work on giving SPECTRUM its name, its story, and a bold identity that we tested across focus groups in four U.S. cities. The result was a dynamic and compelling launch campaign orchestrated in time for a key national convention.
vAuto is a well-known authority in used-vehicle inventory management for dealerships. But when promoting Conquest, vAuto's inventory management tool for new vehicles, their team knew that they couldn’t go to their old playbook. To leverage vAuto’s leadership status while differentiating Conquest from other offerings, we developed fresh messaging that resonated with dealers’ competitive nature by positioning Conquest’s live market insights as giving dealers the upper hand to drive sales.

Even a successful 25-year-old company can’t know everything about their audience. That’s why we conducted focus group research across North America to document diagnostic tool preferences, user behaviors, and buying habits of both Identifix customers and prospects. The results enabled Identifix to not only further refine their marketing communications, but the additional market intelligence also informed new product enhancements and sales strategies to grow the business.


Xtime was primarily known to dealers for service appointment scheduling. So when they began developing plans to launch a service retention solution that integrated scheduling with three other products, they wished to know the market’s appetite for a suite of products along with perceptions of their competition in order to best position the new solution. With insights accrued in focus groups across the U.S., Xtime gained the knowledge and confidence to further refine their go-to-market strategy, ensuring that their communications resonated with their audience to drive sales.


vAuto is the market leader in used car inventory management. Having expanded their breadth of expertise into new car inventory management, they wanted to gain a better understanding of a dealer’s purchase process so they could appropriately frame their value proposition and communication tactics. After conducting focus groups across North America, we documented a wealth insights that vAuto is not only using to improve marketing and sales, but also leveraging in operations, product development, and customer support.

Just because you’re the market leader doesn’t mean you should take your foot off the gas. That’s why we created direct mail communications to help vAuto continue to drive sales for their leading used-vehicle inventory management tool, Provision. Knowing that dealers respond to straightforward language, we made the message simple and relatable by using a common expression to convey Provision’s ability to attract customers.