‘Tis the Season!

At the end of the year, it’s always nice to take time during the holiday season to celebrate and have a little fun. At FARM, we like to throw a holiday open house for our clients, partners, and friends of the agency to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished throughout the year. It is a time to gather and enjoy drinks, great food, and entertainment here at our offices.

We transform our space into a party venue. Instead of cubicles, we have lounges. Instead of conference rooms, we have bars and food stations. This year, our musical guest, Kevin McCarthy, played his guitar and sang from atop our proofreaders’ desks. It is always an event to remember with amazing food and service from Private Knives Catering. Of course, our CEO and Owner, Larry Robb, is always our official FARM wine connoisseur and Vice President of Integrated Marketing, Jeff Schafer, is our craft beer specialist.

Our open house is not just a party but a reminder to us all to give thanks for the success of the year and for our valued partners and clients that make it all happen. Check out this video, where you can see some of the action!

Happy holidays to you and all of your loved ones, from FARM!

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