What 2019 Means for Social Marketers

Key social media trends and changes to impact marketers in the upcoming year.

2018 brought a lot of social media changes. In 2019, marketers can expect these changes to strongly influence the way we talk to consumers, and how they engage with brands on the platforms. We’re breaking down what we think are the biggest upcoming trends and what they mean for marketers going forward.


1. Data and Privacy

The terms “data” and “privacy” seemed to flood news headlines this past year. Users became uncomfortable with how social platforms were using their personal information online. Namely, Facebook who had a particularly difficult year in terms of user trust. According to a recent study, platform users were most concerned about their personal information being sold to other organizations and companies.

What does this mean for marketers in 2019?

In 2019, we can expect brands to pay even closer attention to these privacy concerns, keeping in mind user trust is crucial for their continued success. Opening up the conversation about how you use your customer’s data, beyond the realms of social media, will be essential in creating a healthy relationship with your audiences.


2. Engagement

In response to their misuse of data and growing distrust of the platform, Facebook decided to overhaul their News Feed earlier this year. Backed by the idea that experiences on social media should become more “meaningful,” the platform focused on favoring content designed to receive high levels of thoughtful engagement. And thus, reaching target audiences in organic ways became increasingly more difficult. We saw this affect all platforms, not just Facebook.

What does this mean for marketers in 2019? 

Content must be designed around what is most interesting, and more importantly, most appealing to target audiences. If not, they’ll just keep scrolling, and your content will fall by the wayside.


3. Stories

Snapchat first pioneered the story in 2013, and it was unlikely at the time they were aware of how quickly it would spread. Today, more than 400 million people watch Instagram stories daily (more than double Snapchat’s entire user base). Stories have become such a powerful marketing tool because of their ease of use, little to no editing time required, and high engagement and conversion rates.

What does this mean for marketers in 2019?

An engaging story shouldn’t be planned and rigid. To create a good story, use what others are saying about your brand as inspiration. Then, find a way to deliver your content that fits with the in-the-moment nature of stories while still reflecting your brand’s overall message.


4. Influencer Marketing

Last year, we also witnessed the rise of influencer marketing, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This year, however, the rise of micro and nano influencers (influencers with a lower follower count but a loyal fan base) is something to be mindful of. The average influencer’s number of followers reportedly dropped by half to 500,000 over the past year. A sign that the range of types of influencers is broadening.

What does this mean for marketers in 2019?

If your campaign doesn’t have the budget for a big-name celebrity endorsement, that’s okay. A rising blogger who is respected and regarded by their follower base may end up being a better investment, and a better fit, for your brand.

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