New Faces at FARM

A little cold weather doesn’t stop our growth.

We’re thrilled to announce four amazing additions to our team! Read up on all of our recent new hires below.

Becky Barus joins FARM as a Digital Project Manager. Previously, Becky worked as a Marketing Communications Specialist at Materion Corporation, as well as an Account Executive at VITRO Agency. There, she worked on a variety of national brands including Caribou Coffee and Red Robin, to name a few. Becky has her bachelor’s in marketing and business. A self-proclaimed “bucket list junkie,” she enjoys skydiving, bungee jumping, and other like activities in her free time.



Our accounting department has added Matthew “The Gooch” Yamaguchi to their group as an Accounting Specialist. He works mainly on processing accounting for our sibling companies, Pathfinder and Clarksburg Cider. Matt is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and previously worked as an Accounting Coordinator at Kroger for seven years. Luckily for us, Matt also dabbles in making his own wine on the side.



Nicole Morreale joins us as our Digital Strategy Director. Prior to FARM, she was a Marketing Communications Manager at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP. Nicole has her Bachelor’s in English from Harvard University as well as her MBA (with a Marketing Management specialization) from Syracuse University. When she’s not impressing her fellow Cultivators with her digital knowledge, Nicole serenades the rest of the Western New York area in the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus.



FARM’s sibling company, Pathfinder, has hired Dakotah Walsh to fulfill the role of Market Research Developer/Analyst. Previously a Junior Processor at Premium Mortgage, Dakotah received her Bachelor’s in Psychology, as well as Animal Behavior Ecology Conservation from Canisius College. She also has her Master’s in Psychology from New York University. Dakotah’s other interests include kayaking, hiking, and very corny dad jokes.


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