Alzheimer’s Association: Supporting our communities virtually

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Maura Noonan

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Finding ways to continue to serve others during a pandemic

Everyone has been impacted in some way, shape, or form by the COVID-19 pandemic. When we think about the communities most affected, we may initially consider doctors, nurses, and teachers who have adapted to ensure we stay safe and healthy. But communities away from the front lines have also been forced to adapt, including groups of caretakers, friends, and family members of people dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s, who are currently unable to visit their patients and loved ones in the manner they once were. So, when our client, Alzheimer’s Association of Western New York, asked us for help in modifying their in-person support groups to an entirely digital model, we sprang into action.

Pivoting Media Strategies

Our previous media strategy focused on reaching users on more traditional channels, like print and television. However, as the world shut down, consumer behavior shifted, and people began relying more heavily on digital as a resource for information and staying connected to one another. For Alzheimer’s Association, we needed to quickly reach their audience where they were regularly consuming media, which now included a larger digital presence. FARM worked to develop a robust media buy, with television, social media, display, and pre-roll video functioning as the primary mediums. A heavy emphasis was placed on video channels, allowing us more room to tell Alzheimer’s Association’s story.

Speaking the Same Language

When we began developing creative, we knew we were up against digital channels that had been flooded by companies also trying to reach their audiences. To cut through the clutter, our team developed campaigns that focused on themes of support, resources, and ongoing help, no matter what the coming months looked like. We recognized we would be speaking to a group who did not traditionally live on digital channels, and we needed to keep our messaging streamlined and straightforward. These themes were also accompanied by a strong call to action at every stage, encouraging users to sign up for online support groups, register for special seminars, and more. Check out a snapshot of our final concept below.

During a time when advertising fell secondary to keeping our families and ourselves healthy and safe, FARM was honored to be able to assist the Alzheimer’s Association. This campaign helped provide a reminder that our work can serve a greater purpose. And even during a pandemic, advertising can make that difference when it matters most.

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