Meet Amanda Lechowicz, Our New Project Management Director


Carrie Grant

1 Minute Read

At FARM, we love watching our employees grow as much as we love helping our clients succeed.

We’d like to congratulate one of our Cultivators, Amanda Lechowicz, on her promotion to project management director!

“Sweating the details” is something Amanda has done from day one. Since 2014, she has provided exceptional service to our clients and has grown her career from an account executive to account supervisor and now a project management director. Amanda embraces a confident, proactive approach, with an ability to pace work that achieves the right balance between efficiency and precision.

Amanda will be driving both the agency and our clients to “work smarter.” She will guide the delivery of work to clients across all channels by creating project management workflows, processes, and standards that foster effective planning, collaboration, and execution.

In her free time, Amanda works on her own private company, Buffalo Lettering Shop, which specializes in calligraphy and hand-lettering projects.

Congratulations, Amanda!

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