5 Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes Marketers Should Avoid

Lead nurturing can boost your bottom line, and it can be easy. Learn five common mistakes marketers make and how to avoid these pitfalls of lead nurturing.

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is invulnerable, but you can learn to avoid these five surprisingly common pitfalls of lead nurturing to ensure optimal performance of your marketing program.


Mistake 1: Sales and Marketing Misalignment

When your sales and marketing teams are aligned and on the same page, your efforts toward customer acquisition will have far better chances of success.

One common pitfall of sales and marketing teams is misidentifying what stages of the buying process customers are in—assuming they’re sales ready when they’re not, or taking their foot off the gas too soon thinking the work is complete.

Here are some easy steps to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are working together effectively.

  • Clearly define and document the sales and marketing roles
  • Clearly outline procedures for identifying customer buying stages for effective lead nurturing
  • Make sure both sales and marketing know the difference between a marketing-ready lead and a sales-ready lead
  • Document steps to be taken when the lead displays early buying signals and deliver value proposition at the right time
  • Review success metrics AND failure metrics together


Mistake 2: Dirty Data

Bad data means bad leads. Not to mention, dirty data will cost you and will certainly decrease your return on investment. And by dirty data we mean any data that contains errors. For example, it could be duplicate data (one of the dirtiest).

Make sure your database is:

  • Clean
  • Updated
  • Segmented

51% of email marketers say database segmentation is the most effective way to personalize lead nurturing. Bottom line—it all comes down to the quality of the database, especially how it’s segmented.


Mistake 3: Treating Everyone the Same

Getting a little personal goes a long way. It can be tempting to save time by sending one message to your entire database, but not customizing your leads’ experiences will halt their movement down your path to purchase.

According to Hubspot, personalized emails generate up to six times higher revenue per email than non-personalized emails do.

Provide relevant content that’s tailored to the recipient by:

  • Assessing the needs of your audience at various stages of the buying process
  • Mapping out content based on previous actions taken by leads
  • Using and refining your customer personas to keep content fresh, useful, and relevant to your audience.
  • Utilizing marketing automation software


Mistake 4: Deciding To “Set It and Forget It”

Marketing automation is an extremely time effective tool for keeping top of mind with your customers and converting leads to sales.

When you master using automation to deliver personalized messages, you’re on your way to successful lead nurturing and increased ROI. Nevertheless, a common pitfall with using marketing automation software is the notion that you can simply “set it and forget it.”

Your audience and their needs evolve over time. To keep them moving down YOUR path to purchase, it’s important to analyze and evolve your strategy alongside changing consumer behavior and preferences.

Here are some tips for automation success:

  • Never stop improving – increase ROI by identifying weak spots early in the campaign with regular monitoring and reporting
  • Make sure follow-ups are timely based on previous actions and their position in your sales funnel
  • Adjust your messaging over time
  • Don’t assume your assessments are always correct


Mistake 5: Forgetting Your Customers

Your lead nurturing strategy should start with your current customers, not end with them.

Lead nurturing should not stop once they have made a purchase. You always want current customers to take action—the 3 R’s; renew, review, refer.

Consider these tips for marketing to current customers:

  • Always be a valuable source of information and help them reach their goals
  • Make sure they are getting the maximum value from your products or services
  • Stay top of mind—check in regularly and consistently
  • Cultivate the relationship—send notes or gifts as a thank you, invite them to events that you are running or sponsoring, etc.


Want to learn more about how to optimize your lead nurturing approach, segment your database, and personalize outreach? Send an email to Jill Fecher to start a conversation.



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