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Funnel Cake

How we helped a 130-year-old bank

embrace email journey mapping  to move

customers through their sales funnel.

The backstory

Work with a client long enough and it’s easy to spot their comfort zone. For SunTrust Bank, direct mail had been a workhorse that earned them loyal customers across all lines of business. But we knew that bringing more progressive thinking to their marketing would not only add lift to their other channels but also best position them for their upcoming merger with BB&T and transformation into the new Truist brand. 

Agency services:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Direct marketing
  • Campaign optimization
  • Campaign testing
  • Audience segmentation

Filling the funnel

If you don’t know the level of need and product awareness of your prospects, it’s difficult to determine what might grab their attention, let alone create a desire that leads to action. So, using persona data on small business owners and other customer segments, we were able to identify where prospect groups sat in the sales funnel and label them based on who needed more education, who was ready to accept an offer, and every step in between. 

Mapping the journey

Before developing any communications, we created a journey map for each audience segment. This detailed the message we would serve at different points, along with subsequent emails that would be deployed based on the prospects’ actions (or lack thereof). We also specified the type of content to best engage the recipient, from a simple text email to an online quiz to a video—all of which drove to a landing page customized to the user experience. 

Optimizing at every step

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can optimize the campaign in mid-flight, rather than waiting until the data has fully matured. Among the elements we refined along the way were: 

  • Subject lines
  • Call-to-actions
  • Content length
  • Image testing
  • Accessibility optimization

This attention to detail ensured a steady stream of prospects moving through to conversion and greater precision with each new wave of communications. 

So, how'd we do?

“We’ve come back to them time and time

“We’ve come back to them

time and time again for

again for these complex projects because

these complex projects

because FARM’s strategic

FARM’s strategic thinking.”


“We’re in the midst of developing our third lead nurturing program with FARM. We’ve come back to them time and time again for these complex projects because FARM’s strategic thinking, in-depth research, and constant pursuit to enhance the client experience has made these programs unique–but most importantly, successful. There are tons of moving parts in our lead-to-funnel campaigns, and FARM perfectly manages every aspect from start to finish.” 

- Joe Arundell
Senior Client Marketing Manager, Truist Financial Corporation

Your brand is your company’s most

Your brand is your

company’s most valuable

valuable asset. And when you invest

asset. And when you

invest inconsistency as

in consistency as much as identity,

much as identity,

your returns will prove


  • Voice and identity development
  • Brand positioning
  • Internal/external launch communications
  • Brand evolution strategy and execution

The funnel, the pipeline, the

The funnel, the

pipeline, the hopper-no

hopper—no matter what you call it,

matter what you call

it, we’ll provide the

we’ll provide the care and feeding,

care and feeding, so

so you never call it empty.

you never call it


  • Audience segmentation
  • Demand generation strategy
  • Digital and traditional direct marketing
  • Omnichannel campaigns
  • Marketing automation
  • Campaign optimization and reporting

Our Take

Nobody likes to hear people squawk about marketing. So, we wrote it all down for you.

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