All-New Clarksburg Hard Cider Craft Beverage is Authentic to the Core

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Jillian Cascarino

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FARM is thrilled to announce the launch of its sibling company, Clarksburg Cider! The journey began in the quiet hamlet of Clarksburg, New York with a trio of hard cider enthusiasts who sought to produce a high-quality craft beverage. It was this place that inspired the creation of a beverage that embodies the same values as the simpler life in Clarksburg brings to those who know it well. From there, Clarksburg Cider was born.

The Clarksburg team paired their love for fine beverages with New York’s staple fruit to create a product that contributes to the resurgence of hard cider taking place across the nation. Their goal is to infuse each can and bottle of craft hard cider with the simplicity and enjoyment of life at Clarksburg, while delivering the high-quality consumers expect from any craft beverage.

“Craft is a dedication to quality over quantity,” said Michael Robb, Chief Executive Officer at Clarksburg Cider. “We want to produce our ciders in an environment that leverages regional ingredients, caters to drinkers who want options, and surprises them with how a true quality cider can taste.”

As the Clarksburg team continues to nurture their growing orchard, juices are being sourced from a variety of New York apple growers. And since one of their top priorities is contributing to local economic growth, they’re committed to using the best the region has to offer when it comes to ingredients, equipment, and people. Their tanks were manufactured in Geneva, NY, the cidery was built by a local contractor, and everything from the tables to tap handles were constructed by local craftsmen.

So, when it was time to get the product on shelves, the choice was easy to partner with local distributor Wright Beverage Distributing. Beginning in late March, Clarksburg Cider’s dry and semi-sweet varieties became available for sale at Tops Markets across Western New York.

“We are very excited to represent Clarksburg and look forward to working with their team on growing this brand throughout Western New York,” said Tessa Wright Tobin, Chief Business Development Officer at Wright Beverage Distributing.

Starting in May, Clarksburg Cider will introduce their first seasonal and limited-edition flavors. The product will then be available at additional retail locations and in local bars and restaurants. Also, a tasting room will open in Lancaster in summer, offering a fun, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy craft hard cider and food.

Looking forward to the fall and holiday season, Clarksburg Cider will launch additional seasonal flavors supported by special holiday marketing and promotions.

“We’ve got some exciting limited-release and seasonal flavors in the works,” said, Bryan LeFauve, Vice President and Owner at Clarksburg Cider. “Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the hard cider drinkers, while introducing new consumers to the unique flavor profiles Clarksburg has to offer.”

Clarksburg Cider is just getting started and has more on the horizon for the Western New York region and beyond. To learn more about the orchard, the cidery, the products, and purchase locations, and find us on Facebook and Instagram.

And check out our recent local news coverage on WYRK-FM, WIVB-TV, and 96.1 The Breeze!

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