Cultivator Spotlight: Team Pinnacle

Meet Team Pinnacle – a bit salty, a bit sweet. Their appetite for fun paired with their passion for “getting shit done,” make this team a unique piece of the FARM puzzle. Read below to check out the questions we asked them. Pretty sure you’re going to love them as much as we do.


1) Describe Team Pinnacle’s role at FARM?

Team Pinnacle is a kickass group of seven who work on a variety of clients throughout the U.S. mainly in the financial services and insurance industries.


2) What type of client work does your team produce the most?

The bulk of our work consists of direct mail pieces, but we also create a lot of fun digital stuff like emails, landing pages, and social media campaigns.


3) Where did the team name come from?

Our immediate thought was “money” when brainstorming team name ideas, since our primary client work lies in the financial and insurance markets. We came up with a wide range of options. Some names were inspired by songs, such as C.R.E.A.M. (“Cash Rules Everything Around Me” by the Wu Tang Clan); some were about the path you take to financial success; while others were more long-term focused on becoming not only the best team we can be, but also becoming the highest revenue-generating team in the agency.

We were all in alignment with the third approach of being the best – because, let’s be honest, we’re kind of a big deal. From there, the team name “Pinnacle” was born. And along our road to the top, we’ve also adopted a team mantra – “To get shit done.”


4) Where is the coolest place someone has traveled?

A few team members have taken European vacations, but the standout destinations amongst the group were Japan, Bali, and Egypt.


5) What is the best concert someone has been to?

Jamie B. saw Beyoncé & Jay-Z at New Era Field. Not only does she LOVE Queen B, but she said to experience it in the Bills stadium was unreal.


6) What’s one thing that everyone on the team has in common?

Pinnacle is fully comprised of women—well, technically not, but Mike is all about the girl power since he’s outnumbered at home as well. But seriously, we all love a good joke and we share in a great sense of humor. A little fun goes a long way to help round out the teams’ strong points and weaker spots.


7) Who on the team is most likely to arrive the earliest and leave the latest?

Allison/Jamie S. – Arrive Earliest

Kathy/Mike – Leave Latest


8) Who has the greatest stash of stuff in their desk?

Jamie S. has the greatest stash – from a ‘break in case of emergency’ candy box, to a Nerf Gun, to random knick-knacks and toys. But if we’re ever in need of a toiletry, Jamie B. has every item you could ever need. Enough so that she could fully get ready for the workday in her office (minus a shower).


9) Who is best at meeting tight deadlines?

Pinnacle. Period.


10) Who is most likely to come up with creative ideas?

Everyone. Seriously, we’re not just being nice. Every team member – whether creative, copywriting, account services or project management – contributes great ideas for our projects. It really never comes down to just one person.


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