Meet Our Cultivators Who Are Growing Their Careers


Ashley Lewis

3 Minute Read

At FARM, we love watching our employees continue to grow as much as we love watching the continuous growth of our clients.

Congratulations to Josh Gumulak, Jillian Cascarino, and Carrie Grant on their recent promotions! Read all about them below. 

Josh Gumulak – Account Supervisor

Josh was hired a little over a year ago as a Senior Account Executive. We were amazed by Josh’s immediate ability to quickly understand our clients’ businesses, identify areas for strategic growth, create goals, and crush them! Josh was recently promoted to Account Supervisor and will work with numerous clients to ensure their marketing efforts are purposeful and effective, helping them tackle their greatest challenges with ease. Congratulations, Josh!

Fun fact: Josh loves traveling and the Buffalo Bills! He will be cheering on the Bills this season with his fiancée, Grace, and their two favorite sidekicks, his pups Baxter and Queenie. Go Bills!

Jillian Cascarino – Director of Strategic Services

Jillian has been with FARM for nearly 7 years and, during that time, has been instrumental in providing public relations and content marketing support to our clients and new business development efforts. Jillian was previously our Strategic Storytelling Director and will now serve as Director of Strategic Services to better encompass her strengths and the expertise she provides to our clients. Jillian has a true gift for looking to the future, understanding consumer behavior, developing marketing personas, and identifying strategic content and messaging. Her new role will have an even greater impact on our existing client relationships and agency new business efforts. Congratulations, Jillian!

Fun Fact: Jillian has been trying to convince her husband, Matt, to get her a dog for YEARS! Comment on our social media post and ask Matt to get Jillian that doggo! 

Carrie Grant – Vice President, People & Process

Carrie was hired as Business Manager three and a half years ago to help manage various aspects of our organization as we grew to encompass five LLCs as well as maintain a positive work environment across each company. The vision was to hire someone who would manage contracts and insurance, assist with Lean Six Sigma drives, and supervise HR. Carrie quickly proved to become more than a Business Manager who reviews contracts and finalizes insurance policies. She also played a significant role in our culture, taking the soft side of HR to the next level. Carrie has been promoted to Vice President, People & Process with a focus on cultivating our biggest asset: our people. She will continue to do all of the other important stuff—HR processes, managing contracts, insurance, legal liaison, etc. But above all else, Carrie is a doer. She is reliable, trustworthy, and truly cares about all of our people and what is best for the companies. Congratulations, Carrie!

Fun Fact: Ever notice the craze of llama-themed items? Well, Carrie probably played a significant role in supporting those businesses. She is llama obsessed and signs most emails with “Mama Llama.”

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