Cultivator’s Corner

Recognizing one of our own for their commitment to our clients and our agency.

Every quarter we recognize one of our Cultivators for exceeding expectations in demonstrating our core values. For Q3 for 2018, we’d like to send a big congratulations to Art Director, Rachel Majka! As a reminder, our core values are:

• Do the Right Thing

• Communicate

• Be Accountable

• Make an Impact

What makes Rachel so great? Our CEO, Larry Robb, said it best,

“Rachel does a lot, for a lot of people, and comes a long way to do it.” 

One of her teammates also joined in on the praise –

“As far as the team, she’s ALWAYS asking where and when she can help. Unsolicited, she offers a helping hand. While managing a hefty workload herself, she also finds the time and energy to brainstorm creative ways to approach the projects so as to not just give the client what they ‘expect.’ She pushes the envelope both literally and figuratively. (See what I did there… fun Direct Mail jokes!)”

Thanks Rachel, for willing to lend a helping hand always, and bringing a fresh creative perspective to our work and agency. Check out previous Cultivator Award winners by read the rest of our blogs here.

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