Cultivator’s Corner

FARM’s quarterly Cultivator Award is presented to exceptional “Idea Cultivators” who uphold our mission and values every day.


Each quarter, FARM recognizes one of its Cultivators who goes above and beyond exemplifying the agency’s core values:

  • Communicate
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make an Impact
  • Be Accountable

Congratulations to Creative Director Lauren Shapiro, the winner of the 2018 Q4 Cultivator Award.

At the beginning of 2018, Lauren was recognized for her promotion to Creative Director. She has been dedicated to the agency, her team, and her clients for 14 years. While Lauren continually goes above and beyond, she is recognized today as a driving force on the retail team, always upholding standards for quality and remaining a reliable resource for her colleagues.

“Not only is Lauren a polished creative director, she is a professional who manages an extremely full plate and does it with poise. Over the past several months, Lauren has gone above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects of her position. With the retail team being down a few Cultivators, Lauren has ensured that this shortage appears seamless to the clients. She never complains, nor does she get frazzled, even under the most challenging situations. In the span of two months, Lauren worked through three television shoots while also managing numerous other daily projects. We could not have pulled them off without her—when changes came in on the fly, Lauren held her composure and got it done! Her commitment to the clients, her team, and the agency is beyond commendable!”


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