Cultivator’s Corner

FARM’s quarterly Cultivator Award is presented to exceptional employees who uphold our mission and values every day.


Each quarter, FARM recognizes one of its Cultivators who goes above and beyond exemplifying the agency’s core values:

  • Communicate
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make an Impact
  • Be Accountable

Congratulations to Senior Accounting Specialist Nancy Ciepiela, the winner of the 2019 Q1 Cultivator Award.

Nancy is an invaluable member of the FARM team. Her positive attitude and her dedication to FARM and our clients are some of the reasons why her fellow Cultivators nominated her for the award.

We are so happy to recognize her this quarter. Thank you for all your hard work, Nancy!

“No matter what we throw at her, whatever crazy billing breakdowns and reports that we need, she is always responsive and helpful – above and beyond! Because of this, the client loves FARM even more. She definitely makes an impact and she does it with a smile!”

“Every quarter is chock-full of invoicing, and the lion’s share of it always lands on Nancy’s plate. With some clients, the billing is extremely detailed and time consuming. Nancy is always a team player, helps eliminate potential issues, and helps tie up any loose ends for a seamless, pleasant experience for our clients.”

“I love working with Nancy, and can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate her attention to detail, positive attitude and her dedication to FARM.”


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