Cultivator’s Corner

FARM’s quarterly Cultivator Award is presented to exceptional employees who uphold our mission and values every day.


Each quarter, FARM recognizes one of its Cultivators who goes above and beyond exemplifying the agency’s core values:

  • Communicate
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make an Impact
  • Be Accountable

Congratulations Copywriter Lauren Carmer, the winner of the 2019 Q2 Cultivator Award.

“When I think of a Cultivator who goes above and beyond, Lauren Carmer is one of the first to come to mind.

On top of delivering some of the best puns I’ve ever heard in my life, I feel lucky to know and work with Lauren every day. She is an invaluable part of our agency, often taking on extra projects in addition to her workload and delivering copy that impresses even the harshest critics.

She is usually the last one out at the end of the day and is quick to drop what she’s doing to help her fellow Cultivators brainstorm a headline or two.

She also demonstrates a clear desire to grow, always looking for ways to better herself as both a writer and a marketer. Beyond exemplifying our core values here at FARM, Lauren has taken on the role as our representative on the AAF board.

Lauren Carmer truly makes an impact and I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of recognition than her.”


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