Cultivator’s Corner

FullSizeRenderMake no mistake, FARM is full of employees who go above and beyond for our clients every day.

But each quarter, one employee is singled out to receive FARM’s Cultivator Award in recognition for what they’ve done to exemplify FARM’s core values:

  1. Do the Right Thing
  2. Communicate
  3. Be Accountable
  4. Make an Impact

This award is significant because the winner is nominated by coworkers and then selected, from among numerous other well-qualified Cultivators, by FARM’s Leadership Team—making it a truly distinguished honor.

I’m so proud to say that the Q2 2016 Cultivator is Senior Production Manager and longtime friend, Mary Usen!

As our teammate, Vicky Jayes, said, “Mary puts the ‘over’ in ‘over delivering’ on a promise!”  And our clients feel the same way. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. We recently worked on a direct mail project, for which Mary did an exceptional job coordinating the data processing, printing, and lettershop work. Where she went “above and beyond” is related to the website referenced in the mail piece, which was not a site that we managed. Specifically, the website link wasn’t active at the time we printed the materials, which isn’t out of the ordinary. Still, it’s our practice to check the link throughout the production process, even though it wouldn’t need to be active until the mailing goes out.

Rather than move on once the artwork was released and printed, Mary repeatedly continued to check the link, even after the piece was printed, and found that the website (now active) was promoting an outdated and much richer offer. She alerted our client, who was able to have the link redirected to the appropriate offer at the last minute, so that there was no negative impact. Had Mary not been so vigilant, the result could have been a much different story. Customers would have received an offer for which they weren’t eligible, potentially at great cost to our client.

In an email, our client stated: “Mary truly saved us from a disastrous situation.” However, she was much more colorful on a subsequent phone call, saying: “Mary, you saved our butt!”

This is just one example of many that illustrates how Mary dedicates herself equally to both speed and accuracy for the benefit of our clients—and our agency. She’s an amazing asset to our clients, an inspiration to her coworkers, and just lots of fun.

Congratulations, Mary!

Julie Schechter
Account Director of Direct Marketing

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