Cultivator’s Corner

Theresa Siconolfi, Senior Production Manager, is the winner of FARM’s Cultivator Award for the 3rd quarter of 2016. This honor is presented to the staff member who most singularly personifies FARM’s core values, described in our previous blog.

When you work with Theresa, you can always expect superior performance. So much so that it could have been “easy” to overlook her for this accolade.

Fortunately, we do notice Theresa’s contributions despite her humility and rejection of the spotlight. To further illustrate Theresa’s impact, here are some comments from her fellow Cultivators:

img_8199“Theresa is very thoughtful. She takes the time to get to know you personally, and even goes out of her way to make nice gestures—like purchasing a small gift because it reminded her of something I shared with her.”

“She comes up with great solutions when others can’t seem to find one, so she always makes an impact.”

“Theresa is THE MOST selfless person I’ve worked with at FARM. She puts everyone at this agency before herself, no matter how much she has on her plate, which is usually A LOT!”

 “She does the work of more than one person and fills in the gaps where needed without complaint.”

 “Theresa goes above and beyond at FARM every day. She communicates, takes initiative with all her work, as well as meets and exceeds clients’ and co-workers’ needs.”

“Theresa is one of those people that you feel lucky to be able to work with because she makes the day MORE enjoyable just working with her. “

 Congratulations to Theresa on being our 3rd quarter winner, and thank you for all you do!

Victoria Jayes
Account Supervisor

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