Cultivator’s Corner

Work hard, play hard. It’s a tough balancing act. But here at FARM, we put a strong emphasis on finding that middle ground. For Cultivators like Greg Bauch, it’s not a complicated mantra to follow when you simply love what you do.

We’re so excited to announce that Greg, one of our copywriters, has won our Cultivator Award for the first quarter of 2017. By definition, the award recognizes employees who exemplify FARM’s core values:

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Communicate
  • Be Accountable
  • Make an Impact

Greg was nominated by his peers for not only contributing to the agency’s copy work (“writing words,” as he often says to jokingly downplay his important role), but also for the overall positivity and humor that he brings to the agency. As one fellow Cultivator stated:

“He’s thoughtful, charitable, hardworking, considerate and goofy as all get-out. But it’s guys like him that make it fun to come to work. And not a day goes by where he doesn’t check in with others to see how their workload is and if he can help. He never complains and never looks for something in return. And he’s crazy about FARM …”

At FARM, we have high expectations for the quality of work that we produce for our clients, and we set the bar equally high for the vibrant culture that we strive to maintain for the agency. Greg puts 100% into both areas on a daily basis and, for that, we raise our glasses to him and celebrate his awesomeness (clearly, Greg did not ghostwrite this).

Pamela Guggi
Account Director

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