Cultivator’s Corner

We know we have some pretty talented people here at FARM. But we also pride ourselves on our staff’s ability to make a difference in ways that extend beyond our primary skills. Today, we’d like to recognize one Cultivator in particular—congratulations to Jamie Garcia, Digital Art Director, and the latest winner of our Cultivator Award! This esteemed award is bestowed upon one Cultivator each quarter who has gone above and beyond in exhibiting our core values:

• Do the Right Thing
• Communicate
• Be Accountable
• Make an Impact

One of Jamie’s colleagues said it best, referring to her as a “bright light at FARM,” combining her unique creativity and digital expertise to make a lasting impact on our clients and agency. Specifically, Jamie identified an area where FARM needed additional strength and took the initiative to learn how to code, enabling her to contribute both programming and design expertise across the agency. Plus, her flawlessly planned social and wellness events provide a welcome lift when we need a break.

Without Jamie’s radiance and energy, our agency would certainly be a darker place. But somehow, we feel that the best is yet to come for Jamie.

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By: Maura Noonan, Content Marketing Coordinator

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