Using Data to Analyze and Optimize the Customer Journey


Aaron Smith

2 Minute Read

Your customers have multiple touchpoints with your brand. Knowing where those points of contact are and if your customers are having a positive experience are critical to growing a successful business. Every touchpoint creates some form of data and knowing how to collect and aggregate that data is vital to evolving and optimizing the customer journey.

Pathfinder Vice President of Marketing and Business Intelligence Steve Czajkowski and I had the opportunity to present our thoughts on using data to analyze the customer journey at the North American regional meeting of ICOM, a global network of independent marketing agencies.

In this talk, we break down the customer journey through a traditional marketing funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy), while identifying touch points and corresponding data-capture opportunities. We also review the importance of data integration to create and automate reports, which can provide additional insights.


Click below to watch our presentation and if you feel your business would benefit from data analysis and journey mapping—or would like more information—please reach out!


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