There’s a New “DM” on the Block

Cultivating the future of digital marketing from the soil of traditional direct mail.


For decades, when the acronym “DM” was being bandied about ad agency walls, it was a staffer’s way of shaving a precious second or two off saying “direct mail.” But those days are gone. Digital marketing has finally earned a seat at the adult’s table, and is now viewed as a key component of most marketing strategies—rather than futuristic window dressing catering only to tech-savvy audiences.

The emergence of digital marketing doesn’t mean that direct mail has been relegated to a time capsule along with tape recorders and fax machines. FARM has been perfecting the long-established medium for more than 30 years, with no sign of waning interest or effectiveness. However, as audience preferences for consuming media and messaging have evolved, so have we. In fact, we now boast a team exclusively dedicated to client growth through digital channels.

Unlike the old “DM” that used paper stocks, page formats, and fancy finishes to convey a company’s message, digital marketing employs interactivity, animation, and responsive style sheets to ensure that the creative is being delivered in the most suitable format for the device on which it’s being viewed. Whether we’re building a website or landing page; an email or banner ad; or even a mobile-friendly game, we are bringing our traditional direct marketing experience into the future with digital.

One example of our digital muscle is the TOPS Quarter Back Blitz Game—a simple, fun, and highly addictive game we created for our client, TOPS Friendly Markets, to support a seasonal promotion where customers receive a twenty-five cent refund on every TOPS Brand and TopCare® Product purchased throughout the store (up to $10). This promotion coincided with the start of football season, so why not celebrate it with a game as engaging as the sport itself? Give it a try below.


In the first week alone, TOPS has seen close to a 10% conversion rate on social shares—with more than 14% of visitors clicking through to the promotion’s landing page. In addition, consumers are spending an average of four minutes on the game—that’s four minutes of fully engaged interaction with the TOPS brand, driving greater awareness and store traffic.

This type of intimate brand time is one of the reasons why games, and interactive digital content in general, are critical elements of a contemporary, integrated marketing campaign. And retail businesses aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun. B2B companies are also embracing digital communications to engage their audiences in fresh and sometimes unexpected ways. If you’re looking to strengthen your current digital presence (or you want to add digital to your marketing mix, but don’t know where to start), let’s talk.

By Jose Rodriguez, Director of Digital Strategy and Matt Cascarino, Executive Creative Director

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