Does Your Baby Have A Brand?

Dan and Olivia Connors, a Western New York family expecting their first child, recently approached FARM with a serious problem: their baby had no brand.

Say what you want about cribs, car seats, and a panic room stocked with diapers, a brand should be one of the first things you provide for your baby. Dan said that he and his wife spent so much time celebrating the newest addition to their family that developing a brand for their impending offspring had completely escaped them.

While the task was daunting and time was short, we shifted our Idea Cultivation into overdrive and created a killer brand for Baby Connors. Here’s how:

Brand Identity
It was imperative that Baby Connors’ brand had the right look and feel—something that scored high in adorability and was engaging enough to keep his playdate dance card full. Ultimately, it had to be ownable, relevant over time, and uncommon while still being schoolyard bully-proof.

Then there was the baby’s color palette to address. We explored a range of both primary and accent colors, which were critical considering that these would be the basis for Pinterest Board pins of bedroom décor, shower invitations, and organic small-batch baby food. Even more challenging was making sure that everything coordinated with mom’s designer breastfeeding privacy shield, a gift from Olivia’s sister in Greenwich, CT.

Baby Naming in the Digital Age
Dan Connors always wanted to name his first-born son after his great-grandfather Michael. While this was certainly a touching tribute to his ancestor, it would be the death knell for his baby’s brand. There are already thousands of “Michael Connors” on Facebook, not to mention the fifteen or so in any given airport. And the last thing you want is your infant resorting to a tacky nickname for his or her Twitter handle. As for securing the domain, it would remain a sadly unrealized pipe dream.

Our market research team dug in and began thinking of the best potential names for the Connors, not only to lift their child’s online search ranking, but also to blaze the trail for a new baby name trend. We wanted it to be unique, easily pronounced, and spelled without difficulty. We also thought it best to stay away from trendy pop culture references, types of produce, and any name containing a silent “P.”

After a grueling, three-day brainstorm, we decided that the Connors should name their baby “EnCorpius.” EnCorpius Connors.

Communication Strategy
With a bullet-proof name locked in, we began hatching our plan to get the word out. It’s no longer enough for dad to pass out cigars at the office, or for mom to alert the members of her sewing circle. We labored over choosing the right social avatar, then created a Facebook page and Twitter handle for young EnCorpius. And so the world wouldn’t miss a single milestone, we launched his very own YouTube channel.

Beyond our work across every imaginable social platform, we built a full media plan designed to drive impressions through digital placements in the local and regional markets. We also made sure that a portion of the Connors’ budget was allocated toward print media, grounding EnCorpius in the basics so that virtual reality never replaced his actual reality.


Congratulations! It’s a Brand!
Today, the Connors are both happy parents and satisfied clients. At the time of this blog’s publication, EnCorpius was resting peacefully in his crib with over 4,080 Facebook likes, 48 profile shares and a respectable Spotify playlist. Like anyone new to the joys of parenting, the Connors have a challenging road ahead. But at least they’ll never have to explain to their son why his Snapchat trophy case is empty.

Greg Bauch

P.S. – April Fool’s!!

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