Emotional Connection – How We Turned Football Fanaticism into New Car Sales

Why do you buy a new car? Is it the way it looks? How it handles? The cutting-edge technology? Nope. You buy a new car for how it makes you feel. So when our client, Northtown Automotive, wanted a television spot that leveraged their sponsorship of the Buffalo Bills, we bypassed images of sedans and SUVs in favor of what really sells cars: emotion.

Despite suffering the longest active playoff drought in any major professional sport, the Buffalo Bills still boast a rabid fan base that continues to support their team, no matter what. This is especially evident during the pre-season when even Bills’ fans believe that “this could be our year.” Our objective was to tap into the heightened spirit of Western New Yorkers to not only elevate their sense of anticipation for the upcoming season but also to align their fervent devotion with the Northtown brand.

Check out the spot below to see how we pulled it off.

Matt Cascarino
Executive Creative Director

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