Engaging Your Audience with Content Marketing

More than marketing’s flavor of the month, “content marketing” has quickly become a critical component in businesses’ efforts to make genuine and profitable connections with their audience. In February, I had the privilege of speaking to attendees from more than 150 businesses at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Content Marketing Seminar. In my presentation, I provided the audience with an overview of content marketing and demonstrated how at FARM, we help our clients build a comprehensive strategy to guide their outreach efforts, coupled with effective campaigns that result in measurable success.

Along with sharing examples of content marketing wins, I also highlighted five common mistakes that companies should avoid. Watch this video to find out what those are:

I’m excited to share that I’ll also be presenting at the next Content Marketing Seminar on May 11, which will focusing on “digital outreach” strategies. To attend, visit The Partnership’s website.

If you can’t make it on May 11, stay tuned for my next blog to see information from that presentation. I’ll highlight a content marketing tactic called “influencer outreach” and provide tips for how to use it to help promote your business.

Jillian Fiorella
Content Strategy & Public Relations Director

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