Another Smart Move

Under the same roof for the first time, FARM and Pathfinder have a new home.

FARM and our sibling company, Pathfinder, have relocated to new headquarters at 4493 Walden Avenue in Lancaster, NY. We’re so thrilled to be together in this new collaborative environment, and to call this spacious 25,400-square-foot office building our new home. This exciting move comes after our CEO and Owner, Larry Robb, purchased the complex from previous owners Ecology and Environment, Inc.

When asked about the move, Larry said “I wanted something with a campus-like feel. What I found was something that was a better cultural fit for us and represents the type of company we are.”

The building was renovated to specifically meet the needs of our agency, sibling company, and clients, allowing us all to continue to grow.

Situated on an unspoiled expanse in beautiful Lancaster, our new campus is designed to inspire and indulge our entire family with natural light and wide-open spaces. But this move was not just about us. We now have more room to listen, learn, and foster our client partnerships—just like we always have—only now with a much better view.

Stay tuned for updated photos and news as we continue to evolve in our new space!



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