Four Ways to Bring Life to Financial and Insurance Marketing

Four effective ideas to energize to your financial services or insurance multi-channel marketing strategy.

As a marketer of financial services, you probably always have your eyes peeled and ears open for fresh marketing ideas that actually work. You’re faced with the challenge of differentiating your brand from competitors, educating your ideal customers, measuring marketing ROI, and the list goes on.

There is no singular strategy that works standalone. Combining new and traditional marketing methods into a multi-channel strategy opens doors to effectively reaching ideal customers in a creative and impactful way.


Here are four ideas to combine into an effective multi-channel marketing strategy and make an impression on your target audience:


Direct Mail Marketing

Is Direct Mail Really That Exciting?

It can be! Direct mail marketing isn’t dead, and it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a classic, reliable method that still drives high response rates and ROI and is a great opportunity to touch on your target audiences’ hot button issues.

With the rise of ad blocking and data privacy, integrating the tried and true direct mail marketing method in your overall strategy could make all the difference for maximizing ROI.

Check out our blog about pushing the envelope with direct mail for financial services and insurance.



What is gamification?

Gamification is a unique, entirely permission-based means of getting consumers to engage with your brand through an interactive game. It has also been known to drive sales in highly competitive markets making it a great differentiation tactic for insurance and financial products.

Why games?

The use of games in your marketing strategy can be a powerful and engaging tool for increasing response rates with measurable results.

Check out our blog about using gamification to market insurance and financial products. It highlights a great example used for marketing professional liability insurance.


Video Marketing

Why Video?

Video is an engaging and surprisingly affordable medium within reach of any modern marketer. With video marketing on an ever-upward trend, it simply can’t be ignored for your multi-channel strategy.

Check out our blog for 3 easy ways financial marketers can leverage video marketing right now in their multi-channel strategy.


Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

You probably already have the obligatory company pages and have someone posting to them every few days.

But now you might be wondering who is using social media, namely Facebook, and if it’s a good source for reaching your target audience.

Check out our blog for 3 tips for boosting the value of social media for financial and insurance marketing strategies.


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