Hitting the Ground Running with TOPS


At FARM, our passion runs deep. We’re passionate about our work, our clients, and our community. And that passion really shines through when all three come together for a good cause.

Our client TOPS Friendly Markets, one of the leading grocery retailers in the region, is committed to supporting local charities throughout the year. Last month was no exception, as the company hosted their ninth annual TOPS 5k/10k race to raise money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), a Buffalo-based cancer research center focused on treating and finding a cure for the disease.

Traditionally, we support our clients through research, strategy, execution, and results. But when there’s an opportunity to go the extra mile (or a few in this case), we’re all in! On this occasion, our employees (or Cultivators as we playfully call ourselves), laced up to join our friends at TOPS to support a cause that has touched so many of us. In the end, over 2,000 participants crossed the finish line to help raise over one million dollars for RPCI and their efforts to create a world without cancer.

In addition to participating on race day, we also provided creative support by designing logos, digital ads, and signage. Because next year marks the tenth anniversary, we designed a logo that celebrates the theme “Be Brave,” which was used to promote next year’s event.

At FARM, our goal is to develop and execute the best marketing strategy to achieve our clients’ definition of success. For the most part, that’s done within the four walls of our office. But every so often, we’re able to support them—and the causes they’re passionate about—in ways that require our hearts and bodies as much as our minds.

Erin Doherty
Senior Project Manager

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