Brand Experiences: Why They Matter Now More Than Ever

HP and Pandora’s recent digital campaign reveals insights into how customers experience a brand.

HP and Pandora recently teamed up in an attempt to increase brand awareness and purchase intent around their new notebooks. However, what they really gained was insight into how brand interactivity is the experience that marketers should be focusing on.

Brand interactivity is described as how consumers engage with a brand through digital communications. HP and Pandora looked to employ this strategy and leverage its mobile features by providing rewards for watching ads. These efforts revealed the potential power of interactive digital marketing campaigns. They are more memorable, generate meaningful engagement, and produce a solid level of ROI for marketers. The numbers really speak for themselves. With a 3.98% engagement rate, and a 34% increase in purchase intent, this campaign provided a clear indication that companies creating an interactive experience for their target audience is important as ever.

Consumers want to connect with brand they feel has purpose and humanity. Further, if you create a positive experience for your audience, they will choose to continue to interact with (and support) your brand. Rather than focusing on your product or service, focus on the impact it has on your customer. Your marketing needs to reinforce the value you provide to your customers, and it appears the perfect way to do that is by creating both an online and offline experience.

By: Maura Noonan, Content Marketing Coordinator

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