ICOM: A Wealth of Knowledge That Benefits You

In the continually evolving and highly competitive marketing and advertising industries, learning new approaches and expanding your resources are essential to staying at the top of one’s game. As a member of ICOM, a global network of independent marketing and advertising agencies, we have the opportunity to gain knowledge in a unique way and share best practices with a rich network of like-minded marketers whose mission and business practices align with ours.

According to Bryan LeFauve, our Chief Operating Officer, “FARM’s ICOM membership has been a tremendous resource for many facets of our business, benefiting both our agency and client partnerships.” Leveraging the experience and perspectives of those who have already explored unique paths to enhance agency process and culture, we’ve leaned on partner agencies all over the world for guidance in the following areas:

  • Agency Restructure – Two years ago, FARM transitioned to a Holarctic structure. We created client-specific and support teams that work together to hold each other accountable, so that we maintain the highest standards of efficiency and quality. A fellow ICOM partner, the Phelps Agency, who has been practicing Holacracy since 1981, has influenced and advised us through this transition.
  • Client Collaboration – Because ICOM is a global network with only one agency per market, we can support you if you’re considering expanding your business into new and/or foreign markets. By collaborating with an agency in that market, we can collectively identify the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience.
    ICOM Group shot - NYC
    ICOM Global Meeting at Cramer-Krasselt in New York City, May 2016
  • Strategic Partnerships – In addition to supporting existing client business, our ICOM partnership expands our bench strength, allowing us to partner on opportunities where FARM or another ICOM member could use support in a specific area of expertise.
  • Localization Services – While it may sound like something that you could easily outsource to a local vendor, by working with an ICOM partner we’re able to get the most appropriate translation for your marketing materials. Given the subtle differences between dialects, the use of slang, and expressions that may not translate well between markets, choosing the right language is critical to the impact and success of your communications. Localization ensures that your intended message gets through and resonates.

ICOM is comprised of 80 independent marketing and communications agencies in more than 60 countries and, as mentioned above, there is only one independently owned agency per market. “Independent agency owners understand the true value of ROI and approach business with one eye on the big picture and the other on the bottom line. This makes for a great partner,” says Emma Keenan, the Executive Creative Director of ICOM. At FARM, we’re honored to represent our market and are confident in knowing that we’re partnering with the best in order to develop sound strategic thinking and marketing communications for our clients. ICOM is as much of a support network for our clients as it is for the agency overall—providing significant value in growing both our and your business.

Ashley Lewis, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Andrea Liseno, Proofreader

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