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Our CEO and COO recently traveled to Japan for the annual ICOM global meeting. Read about how this partnership benefits your growth in our recap blog below.

While the day to day life of working at a marketing agency doesn’t usually hold up to the image portrayed by Mad Men or The Crazy Ones, there are times when it does approach the feeling of being cosmopolitan. Our COO, Bryan LeFauve, recently had that experience as he sat in a conference room on the 43rd floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel staring out at the Tokyo skyline. Hear from him below on his experience at the ICOM Global meeting.

FARM is a proud member of ICOM, a global network of independent agencies. Rather than a Rolodex of organizations that only connect when a client opportunity arises, ICOM is dedicated to continued communication and learning from one another in addition to serving clients across borders. The annual Global Meeting is just one of the way’s member agencies continue to learn best practices and explore what is next in the industry.

Below are some key takeaways from this year’s conference, which was graciously hosted by ICOM’s Japanese agencies ADEX and K&L.

Bryan LeFauve

The Robots Are Coming –

Much like what we heard at South by Southwest, the development and implementation of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology is exploding in the market.  Marketers who can harness data to feed these programs and develop an actionable plan to execute will be front runners in their markets. Being able to deliver an extremely relevant and engaging experience for their customers certainly puts them ahead of their competition. While there are failures and adaption in the technology, the adoption curve is accelerating faster than previous technology and will become the norm sooner than most marketers are prepared for.

Indies are Thriving –

While the previous decade saw a slew of agencies being bought up by the large holding companies to serve big brands, the trend is boomeranging back as brands are looking at independent agencies and independent agency networks to return the focus of the partnership from profitability to product. Brands are communicating that they are appreciating the nimble, flexible nature of independent agencies and the tendency of indies to focus on the deliverables for the client instead of how efficient and profitable the account is to the agency.

Data isn’t Valuable –

Data is everywhere now. You can’t breathe without some system tracking your behavior or intention. All of this data is being dumped into databases that are growing in size, but often not providing any actionable value to the organizations collecting the information. The value of data collection is the insights it provides to create customizable experiences for the customer. Marketers must demand more from their data, as well as the people managing it. They must ensure it is being used to provide actionable intelligence or is being fed into executional systems that leverage that data to provide better targeting and messaging to the customer.

The Global Meeting theme this year was “Recognize. Recalibrate. Reimagine.” It’s a great representation of FARM’s relationships with our clients. We’re always thinking of ways to grow their business by knowing what is next and what needs to be done to reach their goals.

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