Innovative Fare for Cutting-Edge Cuisine

Much like smartphones, self-parking vehicles, and robotic vacuum cleaners, three-dimensional printing was once an otherworldly concept more closely associated with science fiction than reality. But just as other tools and toys have evolved to accommodate how we currently like to work and play, 3D printing (also referred to as additive manufacturing) has become a more efficient, cost-effective, and innovative alternative to handcrafted mechanisms.

Image by Mamou Mani

In short, 3D printing is the use of a digital 3D model and computer-controlled printer to create layer upon layer of material to form an object. From art to automotive parts, healthcare applications and beyond, there are now thousands of uses for the process. But would you ever think of trying 3D-printed food?

It’s hard to believe that the same printing equipment that is used to construct three-dimensional engine parts and human prosthetics could also create food, but it’s happening. One UK company, Food Ink, is pushing the culinary boundaries and exploring the possibilities of printed food with pop-up restaurants opening around the world.

With their debut last summer in London, Food Ink has taken gourmet dining to new gustatory heights! They have brought the future into the present by offering a unique indulgence that transcends traditional dining by using a specially designed 3D printer for everything from the furniture to the food. Here, the chefs create edible art from fresh ingredients right in front of you for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Check out this video to see how it is done.

Here at FARM, we have an Innovation Team that is dedicated to researching, testing, and employing emerging technologies and marketing techniques and tactics. Whether it’s the wide array of uses for 3D printing or a new method within the “blink and you’ll miss it” realm of digital media, new discoveries are influencing how we communicate all the time. We work hard to stay ahead of the trends so we can leverage the most current tools and technologies to help you stand out from your competition. All so you can have your cake … and print it, too!

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