Lead Tracking: Why It’s Important and Where to Begin

If you have little indication of where your leads are coming from, you’re not alone. Hear our digital strategy director share tips for lead tracking and where to begin.

You might be surprised by how common it is for a company to not know where their leads are coming from. On average it takes 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand. Because of this, simply asking your customers how they heard of you has proven ineffective and unreliable to thousands of marketers.

When it comes time to allocate your marketing budget, it is vital to have an understanding of previous campaign performance so that your strategy can be continually optimized for success.

The success of your campaign is determined by the percentage of traffic that actually converts. For this reason, it has never been more important to leverage digital marketing tools for tracking where campaigns are successful, and where they may be underperforming.

Our Digital Strategy Director, Nicole Morreale, shares her insight on:

  • How to begin tracking your leads
  • Proactively positioning your campaigns for success with measurable, strategic tracking methods
  • Performance indicators and tools you can leverage for attributing success to each of your campaign channels



About Nicole

Nicole Morreale, our Digital Strategy Director, leads our digital team by providing strategic support for our clients. Nicole specializes in identifying the customer buying journey and aligning that experience with a content strategy to ensure the right message reaches and resonates with the target customer.

Nicole has her Bachelor’s in English from Harvard University as well as her MBA (with a Marketing Management specialization) from Syracuse University.

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About FARM’s Digital Expertise
At FARM, we are always looking forward. Although digital marketing is nothing new, it’s a world that evolves at a pace that has motivated us to build a digital team with a wide range of competencies to support our clients’ needs.

Here, we focus on what’s happening tomorrow as much as today, always staying up to date with the latest tools, techniques, and skills that enable us to deliver a superior level of strategic thought and creativity—without losing sight of how to best engage our audience.


Are you interested in doing more with lead tracking and optimizing your marketing campaigns for success? Send an email to Jill Fecher to start a conversation.


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