Money Got You Down? SunTrust Can Bring You onUp.


Honestly, when are you not thinking about money?

Just before you clicked this link, you may have questioned whether joining your coworkers for a burger at lunch was in your budget. Groceries, car payments, college tuition—these and other expenses are always top of mind.

Simply put, money is stressful.

But whether you’re independently wealthy or just getting by, money can bring on a grey hair or two. And worst of all, while you fill your day stressing about dead presidents, life is moving pretty quickly.

Ferris Bueller was onto something.

So how do we reduce financial stress and give more time and energy to what we really care about?

Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks, a long-time, valued client-partner of ours, has a plan.

A movement toward change.
Money doesn’t just stress us out, it can take control of our lives. Just look at the numbers:

  • 240 million Americans stress about money
  • 32% of adults say finances keep them from living a healthy lifestyle
  • 12% of Americans skip going to the doctor because of financial concerns
  • 80% of people say personal finances keeps them awake at night
  • 21% of couples rate financial stress as one of the reasons they argue

Pretty alarming, right?

SunTrust knows the numbers. And that’s what they want to change. To do so they’ve launched the onUp Movement, which through education and action, aims to turn financial stress into confidence.

And despite kicking things off with a national 30-second Super Bowl,  onUp is more than just a one-time push. The Movement will span several years and we’re all invited to join. Client or not, the bank is encouraging people to pledge with their first name and email address at

Engage. Interact. Share.
After you join, the onUp Movement conversation continues on the website and via email. This is where FARM has been integral.

From the launch email to a Mental Wealth Quiz directed at several personas (and various content emails), we’ve played an important role in getting the word out about onUp.

Participants receive emails with specific actions, tips and tools tailored to their situation. And there’s also a social component, allowing participants to create their own onUp Moments and share their progress toward financial confidence via Facebook.

Genuine concern rises above.
What’s great about the Movement is that the primary push isn’t to sell you on a checking or savings account. While SunTrust may have the best products for your needs, the emphasis here is giving people information to help relieve financial stress. You don’t get smacked over the head with product offers.

Guiding people toward a more fulfilling, financially confident life is the goal. That’s refreshing, especially coming from a bank.

Ready to join?
You don’t have to be in Atlanta, Florida, or anywhere near a SunTrust branch to join the onUp Movement. Pledging to rid yourself of financial stress is possible anywhere and we’re all invited to join.

So why not free yourself of money worries and join the onUp Movement?

Then, go out and enjoy that burger with your coworkers.

Tim Marren
Senior Copywriter

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