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Carrie Grant

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At FARM, our project managers provide the knowledge, oversight, and organizational mastery to keep all of the work we do for our clients on track and on time. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we recently hired two new Cultivators to support this important area of our business.

Courtnay Hamachek

Courtnay is our newest Project Supervisor. She is a fully remote employee working from the mountains of Tennessee. She comes with 20-plus years of marketing industry experience and started in the field as a graphic designer. Her love of process and efficiency moved her into project management.

You will find Courtnay with her BFF and sidekick Hank, her beloved corgi of two years, doing all kinds of volunteer work. Together, they clean up parks, streams, and paths as they work with organizations such as Keep America Beautiful and Sierra Club. Courtnay also loves riding horses and volunteering at Horse Haven. When she is not busy doing all of that community work, she loves gardening, pottery, painting, baking, hiking, and photography!

Megan Gryziec

Megan also joins us as a fully remote Project Manager based out of her home located on ten acres in Pennsylvania. Her professional experience in project management with a focus in the areas of digital, live events, websites, and photography/photoshoots makes her a great addition to the FARM team. Megan enjoys being organized and takes notes on almost all areas of her life to get tasks done—for her, there is no better feeling than getting something crossed off a list!

On her land, Megan loves to hike, birdwatch, and garden. One day, she hopes to have some goats and dogs to add to the landscape. She also loves antiquing and traveling.

For now, though, her biggest project will be taking care of baby Gryziec! 

Can you see yourself being featured on this blog someday? Visit our Careers page to check out our open positions.

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