New Faces at FARM: The Digital Marketing Edition


Carrie Grant

3 Minute Read

FARM knows how important digital is for your marketing strategy, and we know that its importance will only increase. That’s why we’re continuously expanding our digital expertise. Meet four of our new hires who are already working hard to help our clients flourish online.

Aaron Smith

Aaron is our new director of digital strategy. Aaron is a “Buffalo buff” and an expert in Buffalo trivia (as we recently found out on a Teams trivia call when he won several gift cards!). Aaron was raised in the area and attended Allegheny College and University at Buffalo.

Aaron lives by the belief that if you are nervous or scared to do something, it is a sign that it is worth doing. This mantra led him to backpack through Austria, New Zealand, and Fiji, start his own business (he was the founder of White Giraffe, a digital design agency), as well as purchase and restore an older home on the west side of Buffalo. Aaron is a pro at getting to know each individual business and customer, then implementing creative uses of technology to both empower and simplify the user experience.

Welcome, Aaron! Your Cultivator peers will be looking for a trivia rematch soon.

Amy Klein

Amy is FARM’s new social media specialist. Along with providing strategic social services for our clients, Amy is charged with promoting our sister company, Clarksburg Cider. This is a perfect fit for Amy since she has a deep level of “geeky passion” for the craft-beverage industry. In fact, Amy is the Buffalo Chapter leader of the Pink Boots Society, which assists and educates women in the brewing profession.

Amy has an impressive history creating content for several major brewing companies. Even more notable is her traveling history and master’s in international journalism from City, University of London.

When Amy isn’t taking the perfect shot of one of our snazzy Clarksburg Cider cans or filming a video clip starring our mulleted cider maker, Eddie, she enjoys reading, crafting, and spinning … maybe sometimes with a craft brew or hard cider in one hand!



Francesca Tioleco

Francesca joins FARM as our new digital media manager. She is originally from Laguna Beach, California, but she attended school in New York City so she can handle the cold and snow of B-lo. Francesca comes to us with a plethora of experience across many industries, including finance, retail, healthcare, non-profit, and food and beverage. Outside of work, Francesca enjoys volunteering for the Buffalo Police Athletic League and she loves cooking and traveling. Fun fact Francesca shared with us—she was on the street team for Mandy Moore in high school to promote her music!

Francesca is very excited that FARM is dog-friendly, and we cannot wait to meet her fur baby, Barker Bob.


Mike LaDuca

Mike is FARM’s newest creative director. His specialty lies in elevating our clients’ digital brand as well as expanding their digital footprint. Mike has an impressive background in digital marketing, web design, video, and motion graphics. He studied under a professor at Edinboro University who worked on many hit Disney films (hint: Hakuna Matata and Under the Sea).

Mike considers himself a lifelong learner. He has been studying art since the age of four and enjoys watercolors, oils, pencil and ink, as well as ceramics. When Mike is not advancing our clients’ digital impact, you will find him strumming his guitar or whipping up something delish in the kitchen!

Can you see yourself being featured on this blog someday? Visit our Careers page to check out our open positions.

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