Digital communications often play a complementary role within a multi-channel marketing campaign, providing lift to other outreach efforts. But for Dave & Adam’s, whose audience prefers receiving information through digital media, online communications singularly drove awareness and sales for their 2018 Nickel City Con event.

The major focus for the 2018 campaign was to sell the experience of the entire event. In previous years, it had been a challenge to reach the volume of ticket sales they hoped to achieve. The goal of the new campaign approach was to create awareness of the annual pop culture and comic book convention, held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, and boost ticket sales.

Using consumer research as our guide, FARM deployed a digital advertising plan consisting of rotating and static banner ads, complemented by paid and organic social placements. Messaging focused on the total event experience targeting those with an interest in comics, collectibles, gaming, and sci-fi.

Specifically, content was tailored to touch people’s love of nostalgia, offering attendees the chance to “collect” memories at a fun event packed with their childhood heroes.

While most advertising created for the retailer had been designed for sports fans, Nickel City Con appealed to the comic book and science fiction fan niche. The focus on the fan experience included key categories of the event that an enthusiast would not want to miss.

The campaign was a huge success. Nickel City Con enjoyed boosted attendance with a packed convention center on Saturday, the busiest day of the convention weekend. The social and digital campaign drew over 2.5 million impressions and over 12,000 clicks to its ticket page.


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