Inside the Content Marketing Toolbox: Paid Social Advertising

FARM presented at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Content Marketing Seminar series where we showcased our expertise in social media advertising.

Within the focus area of content marketing, paid social advertising has emerged as one of the most popular and effective strategies to help organizations achieve their marketing goals. Unlike social posts that are only seen by your current followers, paid social advertising is a strategic marketing approach that extends your brand to a broader audience through paid or sponsored content on a major social network.

Recently, FARM had the opportunity to sponsor and present on this ever-evolving topic at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s fourth installment of their Content Marketing Seminar series. Here are a few main points from our presentation we’d like to share:

1.    Complementary Strategy

While social media is certainly a digital component that can stand on its own, it’s most effective while working alongside other marketing strategies. Social media advertising should live and grow alongside all of your other content marketing tools and beyond, allowing your brand to fully benefit from it.

2.    Continuous Optimization

A strength of social media advertising is its instant feedback. Within minutes, users are able to engage with your ads. By monitoring your campaigns, you can fine-tune your strategy based on the type of response you’re receiving.

3.    Not “One Size Fits All”

Every brand is different, and therefore has different goals. What works for one business on social media may not be appropriate for yours. Ensure your social approach aligns with your overarching marketing objectives, using brand themes and messaging that are consistent with your other communication channels.

Looking for more information on how social media advertising can benefit your brand or company? Contact us today.


By: Maura Noonan, Content Marketing Coordinator

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