Sending Power to Puerto Rico

Together, we can help an area still devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Recently, FARM received an SOS from our ICOM partner agency in Puerto Rico on behalf of their devastated island. It was a sobering email that stopped us in our tracks, causing us to take further notice. The truth is, although the story may have faded from the headlines, Puerto Rico’s post-Maria recovery is far from over.

While so much has been given by many organizations, the situation is still critical. There are serious health threats looming over the people of Puerto Rico. A majority of the island is still without power. Hundreds of thousands still have no clean water. Hospitals are operating on faulty generators. The need is STILL great and many lives are at stake.

FARM, alongside our friends at AAF Buffalo, is calling on our community, clients, and partners to help collect money for the relief efforts. Together, we can be a light in the dark for the people devastated by Hurricane Maria. Please consider donating by following this link.

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