New Year. New Praise for Our Cultivators.

Change is good, we’re excited to announce our newest FARM promotions for 2018.

We’re taking the time to recognize a few of our Cultivators for their hard work and dedication to our agency. Here’s a special shout out to our recently promoted colleagues below!

Andrea Liseno – Copy Editor

Through a combination of establishing attainable goals and taking the initiative to pursue additional development opportunities, Andrea has set a new standard for what it means to be ‘proofed’. Beyond this, Andrea took on the task of growing and mentoring her team, streamlining the agency proofing process, and working closely alongside other teams to learn more about production processes. In short, Andrea has kept herself plenty busy and her efforts have clearly paid off. The Oxford comma has nothing on her.

Lisa Hinterberger – Art Director

Over her time here at FARM, Lisa has grown in many ways, specifically in her ability to take on and manage additional projects. Her attention to detail has continuously been elevated to meet client needs and standards, and Lisa has flourished. She has been an instrumental part to the agency’s growth over the last three years, helping her team to achieve milestone after milestone. We’re eager to see what else Lisa can accomplish as she continues to grow in her new role!

Marghi Montagnola – Senior Project Manager

From financial management, client communication, project management and beyond, Marghi has juggled it all with poise and precision. Our automotive team boasts that they’re running like a well-oiled machine, and Marghi is an integral part of that. Organized, thoughtful, and hard-working, Marghi has the ability to flawlessly execute project management work for a diverse client base across a wide range of agency services. Marghi is a great asset to our clients and our agency, and we appreciate all that she brings to the table on a daily basis.

Lauren Shapiro – Creative Director

Lauren has consistently given her all to both client work and internal projects in the 12+ years she has been with FARM. During that time, Lauren has not only sharpened her creative and design skills; she has been instrumental in shaping and enhancing our work in the retail team, earning accolades not only from clients, but also from her colleagues who view her as a dedicated resource and standard bearer on our team. Her initiative to take on new opportunities is always fueled by positivity and passion—an infectious combination that continues to inspire us all.

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