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Our client, Fowler’s Chocolates, hosts an Annual Chocolate Factory Tour for two days each October where they open their doors, allowing our community to see where the magic happens and smell the intoxicating aromas of their chocolatey confections (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, minus the Oompa Loompas and disobedient children). Each year, a local nonprofit is chosen to receive the tour proceeds. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County, an organization providing one-to-one youth mentoring services, was selected for 2016. This initiative is one of the many ways Fowler’s gives back to Western New York—the community the chocolatier has called home since 1910.

Fowler’s enlisted FARM to help get the word out and increase tour attendance. For the 2016 tour, we wrote and distributed press materials to local print, online, and broadcast news outlets, community blogs, and events calendars. Our outreach efforts paid off. Last year’s tour saw the highest attendance in 14 years, with more than 2,500 visitors over the two-day span, and more than $3,500 raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County to benefit their Big and Little Mentorship Program.

Check out some of the coverage we secured:

As a result of Fowler’s tour proceeds, in October, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County matched and funded a mentorship between a “Big” named Brendan and a “Little” named Demarious. Brendan and Demarious became fast friends, and their experiences together are shaping both of their lives for the better.

Photo for Blog
Leo the dog, Demarious, Brendan, and their original crayon canvas artwork

To celebrate the power of mentorship and to thank Fowler’s for helping to bring Brendan and Demarious together, FARM pitched Buffalo’s NBC affiliate, WGRZ-TV, to share this special friendship with their viewers during National Mentor Month in January. Our efforts were successful and resulted in a wonderful feature story. Watch it here.

You see, it’s not just our job to tell a client’s story. We also seek to identify opportunities to extend their reach further, and continue sharing their news in ways that resonate with the community and news media alike. For Fowler’s, public relations serve as a powerful and effective engagement tool that complements the rest of their marketing tactics.

And if you’re kicking yourself for missing last year’s Factory Tour—don’t fret, Fowler’s will open its doors again this October. Stay tuned!

Jillian Fiorella
Content Strategy & Public Relations Director

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