The Secret to Happy Clients: Happy Cultivators!


It’s no secret that having a profession in the advertising industry includes stressful deadlines, long hours, and demanding clients. It’s almost unavoidable to feel burned out at one point or another when you’re going one hundred miles a minute every day. Here at FARM, we know that the only way to keep our clients happy without sacrificing our sanity is to have employees who look forward to coming to work, despite the frenetic pace and non-traditional quitting time. The key to happiness is our culture, which gives us opportunities to de-stress at work so we can stay inspired, energized, and continue to love what we do.

So how exactly do we keep our heads clear and our bodies from giving out? Here are a few examples:

  • FARM College: Once a month, a few of us at FARM give an hour-long educational presentation to the rest of the agency, covering various areas within marketing including Interactive, Media Buying, and Production. Since we’re structured in industry- and client-specific teams, this is an opportunity for us to break down those walls to learn from each other and sharpen our knowledge on different industry specialties—then apply it to our work.
  • FARM Show: We produce a lot of great work here at FARM and think it’s important to provide a way for each team so show off the TV spot or direct mail piece stained with their blood, sweat, and tears. The objective of our monthly FARM Shows is to showcase completed projects to the rest of the agency, as well as get feedback on any creative in progress.
  • tHiRsTy THuRsDaYs: This event happens every Thursday at 4 PM sharp and adult beverages are encouraged. Each team gets one minute (and violators are punished by an air horn blast) to give the rest of the agency an update on current projects being worked on, industry news, or fun facts. This is a social atmosphere that helps bring the agency together and lasts only 15 minutes!
  • Pet-friendly atmosphere: Every day is “bring your (well-behaved) pet to work day” here at FARM! We’ve got pets who greet us every day, and others who make appearances less often. According to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of stress. Seeing dogs around the office helps boost morale, and makes our office feel more like home than a workplace.
  • Food (Trucks) and Fun!: The FARM culture bolsters morale with free food and fun! Each month our social committee plans different outings and events. And we never go hungry. For instance, this month is Food Truck Month, where a different food truck visits FARM each week and the tab is picked up by our generous owner, Larry.

FARM provides us with so many ways to de-stress, leaving us content and motivated, which results in the best work possible for our clients. Still, we’re always looking for suggestions. What do you do to spark morale in your workplace? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Amanda Waggoner
Senior Account Executive

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