Good for Good: Keeping the Magic Alive at the Theatre of Youth


Jillian Cascarino

2 Minute Read

In an effort to continue our Good for Good initiative, FARM recently provided pro bono support to our friends at the Theatre of Youth (TOY), a nearly 50-year-old children’s theater company located in Buffalo’s historic Allendale Theatre.

Like many other nonprofit organizations and theaters, the pandemic hit TOY very hard, but this resilient and dedicated organization worked tirelessly to pivot amidst the challenges, including launching online programming and live streaming productions to continue serving the community while the theater was closed.

TOY’s mission is to stimulate the imagination, nurture the creative spirit, and enhance the education of young people by engaging them in relevant, child-centered, and professionally produced live-theater programs. TOY believes meaningful childhood experiences in the theater develop confidence in creative-thinking skills, cultivate empathy, and establish a lifelong connection to the arts.

How did we help?

To help TOY raise the very necessary funds needed to continue its mission, FARM created a new fundraising campaign, dubbed TOY for Tomorrow, appealing to TOY patrons, donors, advocates, and partners, like parents and schools. The campaign’s goal is to ensure TOY continues to operate and enrich Buffalo’s youth with meaningful childhood experiences in connection to the arts.

FARM was pleased to provide:

  • Strategic counsel, design, copy, and digital services
  • Campaign concepts and PDFs
  • Website design template and content
  • Email creative templates, copy, and campaign strategy
  • Animated logo and supporting imagery


If you’d like to learn more about TOY and how you can help this incredible organization, please visit

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