Tops Friendly Markets: Grilling Season Comes to Life

Client Spotlight

Pamela Guggi

3 Minute Read

There are two things that scream summer, the enticing smell of your neighbor’s grill and the freshness of local, homegrown produce that’s just been picked. We wait for this season all year, and especially here in the Northeast, we savor every single second while it lasts. While many of us know exactly how we want to enjoy the summer season and what our favorite seasonal dishes are, others want to be inspired to try new recipes. And let’s be honest, we really put our grills to use last year, so as we start to add a few more guests to our backyard gatherings this summer, we’re all looking for new menu inspiration.

Our longstanding client, Tops Friendly Markets, challenged us to develop a summer campaign that uses videos to deliver mouth-watering appeal, menu inspiration, and incredible weekly deals that compel viewers to shop at Tops each week. While we aim to drive awareness of the incredible offerings and wide variety in the Tops Fresh Burger Bar, we also want to announce that Homegrown Season is in full swing at Tops. We found a common thread to help tie our messages together under their established seasonal theme, Smile for Summer, and a consistent style across the two different video topics.

For the first video, FARM proposed a unique style featuring a female shopper’s inner monologue that takes the viewer on a journey through the conversation she’s having with herself around the hard choice amongst all the fresh offerings in store, while never seeing a face on screen. Instead, we hear her talk through the challenge of menu planning and are visually drawn into the mouth-watering fresh food visuals that come to life on the screen. Our goal was to engage the viewer, deliver appetite appeal, and drive awareness of the fresh weekly offerings and deals, which are too good to miss each week. Watch the burger bar spot once and tell me you aren’t running to make sure your propane tank is full!

From Tops Fresh Burger Bar, we transition along with the season and move into a similarly produced video, but our heroes are now homegrown produce. Once again, we are pulled into the thinking around the tough decision on what to buy and cook, with so many delicious local produce options in store, but this time from a male shopper’s point of view. As he entertains us with his relatable self-talk, we’re drawn into the screen with delicious produce visuals and animated graphics, showcasing the fresh farm-to-table approach Tops offers through their 200+ local grower partners. We leave the viewer with incredible fresh deals, only available that week, focusing on the urgency to take advantage before the next fresh delivery arrives!

At FARM, we love working with our clients to bring an idea to life in a new, relevant way. Burgers on a grill and growers delivering fresh produce to store may not be new news. However, a brisket burger followed by a homemade blueberry buckle from freshly picked blueberries and peaches is arguably a menu you never thought of before.

We’re lucky to work with incredible clients like Tops Friendly Markets, who work hard to deliver the best to their customers each and every day. As their trusted partner, we’re inspired to work just as hard to bring new ideas to life and help guide shoppers with their grocery lists each week.

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