Turning past experience into future opportunity


Bryan LeFauve

3 Minute Read

If there’s one silver lining I’ve experienced during the last few months, it’s that my project list around the house has become significantly smaller. With an abundance of time at home and the need to release some stress, I’ve managed to drywall and paint a few rooms, repair the siding that’s been flapping for too long, and build a handful of cornhole boards I’ve been promising to family and friends for years. Admittedly, I’ve also added a few more tools to my collection, much to my wife’s exasperation. All these projects would still be on my mental to-do list if it wasn’t for the extra time I gained, presenting a golden opportunity to get things done.

The same holds true for how we’re running our agency. As FARM has had to adjust how we do business to accommodate different working environments and clients’ changing needs, we’ve also used this time to more closely examine how we operate and what we should repair or rebuild. This has included discussions about evolving our structure, streamlining our processes, upgrading our software, enhancing our skills, and more. While we have always been a forward-looking agency, the last few months have allowed us time to be more self-reflecting, using what we find in the rearview to help propel us toward a better tomorrow.

These same conversations have been happening with clients. With some budgets being reduced or reallocated to address shifting consumer behavior and buying trends, the pursuit of efficiencies without sacrificing effectiveness is top of mind. In response, we’re collaborating with clients on how we can help them market better, considering the process, software, and staff expertise we’re bringing to the job. After reviewing these areas, we ensure we are providing the best value to their business by revising plans, rebuilding processes—or sometimes both.

Now is the time to dust off that project list that hasn’t been a priority in the past. While the market is still volatile, this is the perfect opportunity to look at how you operate and make the necessary changes to be a better marketer and stronger organization. If we can lend a hand along the way, give us a call.

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