Don’t Fall Back. Spring Forward with Our 2018 Marketing Trends.

FARM identifies need-to-know marketing trends for 2018 to place our clients ahead of the curve.

The leaves are beginning to change alongside our mindsets at FARM as we look ahead to 2018. So often we believe the new year is the perfect time to refresh and reset, while in actuality, fall has proven itself to be wiser timing. While some may be drinking their fair share of pumpkin spice lattes or cheering on their favorite football team, our Cultivators are hard at work unearthing innovative ways to reach (and surpass) our clients’ goals for 2018. We’ve noticed a few standout trends you’ll want to keep your eye on to further fuel your marketing strategy.

1. Don’t Sleep on Your Social Media

In the past, marketers often viewed social media as an afterthought or “side dish” to larger digital strategies. Those days are behind us as we witness social media rapidly becoming its own digital powerhouse. Social media marketing is now considered one of the most popular ways for a brand to engage with its audience, as it enables brands to reach current and potential customers where they already live and interact on a regular basis. In June of this year, Facebook alone hit two billion active monthly users—so neglecting your social strategy can be a huge missed opportunity.

Tip: Examine your social media strategy from the last year; which areas did you ignore or fall short in? Make it an objective to give them more attention in 2018.


2. Mobile First – You May Want to Rethink Your Design Path

Similar to social, most marketers have been slow to embrace mobile design—viewing it as secondary to desktop design. But the times have changed, and so should your design approach. Think about how often you view content on a mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. Between all the mobile mediums out there today, the web sees over 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide. While keeping in mind that desktop design is certainly not dead, following a mobile-first design approach helps to ensure a more favorable user experience across mediums. Here, mobile contains the absolute necessities, while desktop becomes a more expansive version of your mobile design.

Tip: Make it a goal in 2018 to design mobile first on at least one initiative, then, compare performance with past projects.

3. The Power of Video

Video has recently launched itself into the spotlight as one of the most powerful tools within a content arsenal. Did you know viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading it as text? That’s a serious difference in retention rate. With new options like social “stories” and live mobile streaming, video is no longer a type of flashy content reserved for the pros. For more thoughts on the influence of video content, register for our seminar at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership on Friday, October 13th!

Tip: Examine brands and businesses you admire for their marketing strategy. Note the ways in which they use video content; you may be inspired!

It’s no secret marketing tactics are always evolving. At FARM, we embrace these changes. We weave them into the strategies we develop for our clients, and use them to shape our own work. And because choosing to engage an audience in new or progressive ways is often the difference between getting ahead or falling behind, there’s really no choice at all. Check back on our blog in the next coming months for updates on how we implement the above trends into our own marketing game plan for 2018!

By Maura Noonan, Content Marketing Coordinator

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