Extend Your Message from Mailboxes to Inboxes with Informed Delivery

Learn how to enhance your direct mail “moment” through the USPS Informed Delivery. Don’t settle for just the mailbox. Deliver to inboxes, too.

Here’s a fun exercise for you:

Quick, grab a pen and a piece of scrap paper. Now think about digital notifications. You know, those opt-in, automated emails you receive on a regular basis. As you think of the email you receive, jot down some of the senders—companies, government entities, non-profits, whatever—that come to mind when you think of leveraging digital notifications to improve a consumer experience.





Old Navy.

Stop writing when you get to the U.S. Postal Service. Yep, you read that right—the post office.

Chances are your pen would have run dry before you landed on the USPS as the organization that has begun revolutionizing its product delivery through digital notifications. But it has.

Informed Delivery by USPS

Informed Delivery is a free and optional daily notification service that allows residential consumers to conveniently preview digital scans of that day’s mail in their email, or on the USPS dashboard and app.

Essentially, you’re able to see images of your physical mail in your inbox, all before your friendly neighborhood letter carrier stuffs them in your mailbox.

For consumers, it’s more than just a heads-up that you’re coming home to a telephone bill, a birthday card from great-grandma, and another oversized Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon. It’s a way to track and interact with incoming mail from anywhere.

And it’s through that interactivity, engagement, and anticipation that brands can capitalize.

For you, it’s revolutionary. See for yourself!

Why brands and marketers should care

For decades, FARM has mastered and remastered the art of direct marketing. From letter packages to self-mailers to email, we’ve helped brands achieve results beyond expectation by quite literally pushing the envelope.

Now with Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to engage users through synchronized direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

Because mail is scanned and presented to consumers in their email, brands are smart to think about outer envelope messaging. It’s in this area that those seeing a preview of their mail for the day might be more encouraged to open it as soon as they get home.

But the larger opportunity lies within the interactivity of Informed Delivery. Brands that conduct an interactive campaign through informed delivery can include a banner ad, custom image, and a link—all related to the flat mail piece scheduled to be delivered that day.

Here are the benefits for the brand, according to the USPS:
  • High email open rate—more than 2x the industry average
  • Reach consumers digitally with just their physical address
  • Potentially increase ROI on a direct mail spend
  • Multiple impressions from a single mail piece—digital and physical
  • Drive consumer response with interactive content related to the mailpiece
  • Gain additional data insights to optimize marketing spend



Bulky results for bulk mail

While Informed Delivery is still in its early stages, millions have opted in and the response has been positive.

We’re informed on Informed Delivery

The USPS has touted Informed Delivery as a way to “extend the mail moment.” It may sound cheesy, but we’re on board. We believe it adds color to the otherwise mundane task of retrieving one’s mail by turning it into an occasion to bring brands and consumers together. And we’re ready to help your organization do just that. Let us show you how a flat mail piece can come to life through Informed Delivery.

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