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Traditional and digital advertising

Building market awareness

Audience targeting

Message refinement

New York Cider Association:

Bringing Cider Week to WNY

Considering that New York is the second-largest apple producer in the country, it comes as no surprise that Western New Yorkers love hard cider and embrace it as a part of the local food culture. Looking to break into the Western New York market to launch their inaugural Cider Week event, the New York Cider Association teamed up with FARM and Pathfinder.

Beyond the objective of generating event attendance, the New York Cider Association also made it their goal to further educate cider drinkers in the area about hard cider benefits and dispel common misconceptions along the way. As market researchers, Pathfinder set out to collect data for consumer perception of cider—including how it’s served and consumed.

The challenge in this campaign was to spread awareness of the event and spark interest for attendance. Further, FARM and Pathfinder needed to collaborate on the project to craft a cohesive campaign to entice and educate the local community.

Building upon existing brand standards, we updated creative and developed an integrated media campaign to help promote events across a ten-day period. FARM secured paid digital ads as well as television and radio broadcast, print, and social media coverage to optimize ROI.

The campaign was considered an “unprecedented success”—delivering a 50% boost in attendance compared to previous years’ events, and a measured 24% positive impact on consumer perception of hard cider. Cheers to that!

Client Testimonial:

“With FARM’s support on market research, media planning, public relations, design and content, the New York Cider Association was able to launch a promotional festival to unprecedented success, despite being in a new market for us. FARM helped us focus our resources on high ROI advertising channels, get the messaging right for the community, and measure the impact of our effort. Thanks to FARM’s advice and efforts on our behalf, Cider Week saw a 50% lift in attendance at key events staged in previous years, and a 24% increase in consumer understanding what hard cider is. What’s more, the entire team is curious, kind, and efficient. I look forward to working on future projects with FARM and would encourage anyone working on marketing in WNY in the farm-based food and craft beverage space to engage with them for optimal impact.”


Research and Rebrand Launch Campaign

The team at Unyts was considering a rebrand but first wanted to understand whether the “Unyts” name helped achieve their business goals, including providing operational support for its four internal business units. They partnered with Pathfinder who conducted market research (surveys and focus groups) to help provide a clear direction forward.

The research indicated that while the name “Unyts” had considerable awareness in the market, there was little understanding of what the organization did. The results also revealed that the organization was lacking cohesion internally. Armed with this information, the company determined it was time to rebrand—including a name change—and enlisted FARM for support.

FARM further evaluated the research and developed name and logo options, which were then panel-tested. ConnectLife was the clear winner.

Building off insights from the research, FARM began mapping out a communications strategy to meet three primary objectives:

  • Generate awareness of the new brand
  • Educate on the vast lifesaving and life-enhancing services provided
  • Highlight the impact to the community and beyond

The team created target personas, an optimum channel strategy, messaging and creative, and rolled that into an executable wave-based marketing plan consisting of:

Internal Rollout

  • Branded presentation and brand guidelines with key messaging to align the team internally

External Rollout

  • Earned media: Press conference announcing rebrand to public
  • Paid media: Broadcast TV and radio spots, outdoor, digital/social ads
  • Mobile blood vehicle wraps
  • Sports sponsorship activation (Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College)

With the awareness campaign running through 2019, FARM is currently in the process of developing a campaign to support ConnectLife’s community blood donation services in 2020. Some initial results achieved include:

  • Extensive media coverage, with a total earned media value nearly 15 times the client’s investment.
  • Successful activations of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres sponsorships
  • Extremely positive feedback from the community (especially key hospital partners), donor families, and internal staff

Cox Automotive Brand, vAuto:

Storytelling in an Integrated Media Campaign

Leading automotive company vAuto has a long-standing reputation for innovative approaches to vehicle inventory management. Its new car inventory management product, Conquest™, uses third-party data to predict which competitors’ vehicles will perform best in the user’s market, resulting in faster-turning inventory for a dealership.

Knowing each dealer faces unique inventory challenges, vAuto wanted clients and prospects to hear how Conquest helps dealers improve their management strategies and see measurable improvements in performance. We advised vAuto to let its customers tell their stories, leveraging the power of positive endorsements from actual users.

Once vAuto selected top-performing dealer customers, we helped the company conduct on-camera interviews, directed the shoots, and edited the footage. The results were relatable, unscripted accounts of each dealer’s unique problems and how vAuto helped the speakers become heroes at their dealerships, generating leads and increasing profits. Leveraging the strategic advantage of this method of storytelling, we helped vAuto develop effective product positioning across multiple channels, including print placements, digital media, and direct marketing.

Our marketing efforts included the following mix of work:

  • Testimonial videos
  • Print ads
  • Digital ads
  • Targeted emails
  • Collateral
  • Product videos
  • In-product messages
  • Case studies
  • Social posts
  • Traditional public relations (press release and pitching)

vAuto Stockwave:

Empathy in an Integrated Media Campaign

In business-to-business marketing, nearly every product and service boast the ability to boost profits for its users without revealing the “how” behind the claim. Going to market with a thin, one-dimensional angle alone can turn your advertising campaign into a one-hit wonder, or worse—make it easy for audiences to tune you out entirely.

While Stockwave, a sourcing software solution from vAuto, a Cox Automotive™ brand, does indeed have the power to help dealers boost profits, our client turned to us to develop a campaign with greater depth, one that would tell more of the product’s story. Stockwave helps dealers source wholesale vehicles from auctions across the country. The product provides the data franchise and independent dealers need to find and acquire used inventory that will sell quickly and profitably in their market, avoiding vehicles that could hurt their bottom line.

Leaning on our market research and understanding of the target audience, we created a campaign that connected with dealers on a deeper level. The “Mistakes Happen” campaign takes an empathetic approach, relating to dealers’ pain points to introduce Stockwave’s acquisition advantages, rather than criticizing them for making auction mistakes.

Positioning vAuto as the partner who understands dealers’ challenges and Stockwave as the solution that helps dealers make smarter sourcing decisions, we continued to develop an integrated marketing campaign that would increase product awareness and drive leads.

Our marketing efforts included the following mix of multi-channel work:

  • Print ads
  • Digital ads
  • Targeted emails
  • Testimonial videos
  • Tradeshow collateral
  • Direct mail
  • Social posts
  • Product videos
  • In-product messages
  • Traditional public relations (press release and pitching)


Cox Automotive Brand, HomeNet:

Capturing Attention Across Multiple Channels

Launching a new product without knowing your market or your audience can mean even the most creative campaigns fall flat. Rather than guess what might resonate with consumers, we use research and market insights to craft compelling campaigns that hit the mark so new products get noticed.

HomeNet Automotive, a Cox Automotive™ brand, called on us to help them launch their new product, SnapLot 360. The software solution gives automotive dealers and lot service providers the ability to capture 360-degree views of any vehicle’s interior and exterior using the existing SnapLot application on Android and iOS. After capture is complete, the 360 views are then syndicated out on select websites’ online display ads. SnapLot 360 is an offering that can be easily adopted and differentiate a dealership from the competition, increasing margin and improving operational efficiency.

Before introducing SnapLot 360 to the market, HomeNet had questions about how the product should be positioned and what pricing strategy would be best to give dealers a return on their investment while also being profitable for our client. Based on market research, including methodology known as the Van Westendorp pricing model, we helped HomeNet determine both a marketing and pricing strategy.

With the proper product positioning and pricing strategy in place, we then helped HomeNet develop an integrated marketing plan that would successfully launch the product and capture dealer attention in a competitive market.

Marketing efforts for the SnapLot 360 launch included the following mix of multi-channel work:

  • Landing page
  • Product videos
  • Digital ads
  • Social posts
  • Targeted emails
  • In-product messages
  • Collateral
  • Trade show creative and materials
  • Traditional public relations (press release and pitching)